Colour Trends 2024

Color , with its sensorial availability, is the gateway through which to recall a now forgotten emotion,  transforming it into a new possibility. Contact with a particular nuance brings to mind sensations that we thought had been forgotten, which welcome us and make us feel safe while at the same time pushing us towards the unexplored.

We are used to interpreting the concept of ” trend ” as something totally unknown and external that outlines a new path to follow, but sometimes it is simply something that has always been inside us waiting to be brought to the surface and covered in a new experience.

The Novacolor Color Trends 2024 studied and selected by Designer Gian Paolo Venier of OTTO Studio , were born with the idea of ​​representing that sensorial portal of access to the color lost within each of us.


An incurable traveller, he moves lightly and curiously from east to west, from north to south, guided by his instinct to discover new territories of inspiration for his work.

He designs interiors, temporary installations, objects and fabrics, as well as taking care of creative direction. He loves designing fashion, including his own clothes. And he paints.

Born in Trieste, not surprisingly with a view of the Molo Audace, he lived in London and New York, before arriving in Milan. He defines himself as an urban animal, despite having chosen Siros, in the Cyclades, as his place of choice. At the moment.

OTTO Studio was born from the creative vision of architect Paola Navone and, with Gian Paolo Venier, Cristina Pettenuzzo and Domenico Diego, develops interior, product design and art direction projects.


In search of lost color
Six color palettes inspired by the eclectic properties of spices will accompany us on a sensorial journey whose destination will coincide with the current memory of a lifestyle to which we feel we belong. We will feel at home in a map of sensations that will give a name to our color intuitions.

Open Mint

New Reboot

MM 287

Sudden Focus

MM 288

Pure Harmony

MM 290

Fresh Breath

MM 289

Endless Kurkum

Playful Memory

MM 291

Rise Roots

MM 292


MM 294

Safe Hope

MM 293

Wild Rosemary

Sophie Passion

MM 295

Sweet Resilience

MM 296

Noisy Whisper

MM 298

Eternal Change

MM 297

Boho Cinnamon

Bohemian Heart

MM 299

Ethnic Chic

MM 300

Free Romance

MM 301

Creative Shake

MM 302

York Lavender

Eclectic Quiet

MM 303

Classy Game

MM 304

Lord Flair

MM 305

Genius Rules

MM 306

Jazz Juniper

Jam Sessions

MM 307

Geometric Dance

MM 308

Art Lightness

MM 309

End Line

MM 310