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Colour is more than a mere decorative element: colour and materials express values, pillars of our company and transmitted to architects, designers, decorators and end consumers, those who chose to be part of Novacolor family.

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Novacolor upcoming Australia Wide training courses – Hands-on training of Novacolor decorative finishes

Days : 2
Number Spots Available : 0
    Products Covered :
    • Africa
    • Swahili
    • Dune
    • Animinmundi
    • R-Stone
    • Visionnaire
    • Luce Wall Paint
    • Eclat
    • MiKu
    • Hypnose
    Techniques Covered :
    • Application with trowel
    • Application with brush
    • Dragging
    • Decorative Roller usage
    $895 AUD
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    The Trainer Alan

    With industry knowledge that stretches over 30 years, Alan is recognised as the ‘go-to’ person in the decorative industry world within Australia and New Zealand.

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    “Every year in partnership with international designers Novacolor recognises trends and selects a ‘pallet’ and ‘theme’ for the year ahead. This theme is embraced throughout the Novacolor Group. 2019 brings “Broken Nature”. Novacolor being mindful of the impact we all have on nature and the collective efforts to protect our damaged eco—systems where we live and that we change every day. This year’s imagery is reflective of the theme and colour pallet of 2019 “natural tones and green environment”.

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      mat finishesMetallo Fuso


    Novacolor is selective with the organisations that they choose to represent their industry throughout the world. With a belief that reputation and creativity is a reflection on business growth. When considering opportunities in Australia Novacolor came across Alan Jamieson – Alan had already established industry knowledge and high-end repeat business reputation based on his professionalism and attitude. Alan & Caroline continue to stand b

    Robert V
    Novacolor Australia & New Zealand

    Venetian Plaster

    Searching for a new look for your home or business? One that is modern, yet classic and refined? Speak to the expert team at Novacolor Australia today about our extensive range of high-quality Venetian plaster options.

    When you buy Venetian plaster, you are making an investment towards lasting and timeless elegance, providing your home with a striking and versatile new look that can be adapted to suit your interior design choices and tastes.

    Our Venetian polished plaster is popular with home owners who want to give their home a brighter and more open look. The reflexive service captures any light entering the room and is the perfect way to create inviting, palatial bathrooms, liven up a room that has little to no access to natural light and to provide that extra element of class and style to your outdoor entertaining area.

    When you want to select from a wide range of high-quality Venetian plasters, shop with the experts at Novacolor Australia.

    Trusted Venetian Plaster Company in Australia

    Novacolor Australia is one of the most trusted and sought-after names in Venetian plaster production, supply and distribution.

    All our products are designed and manufactured in Italy, ensuring that each and every item that carries the Novacolor logo meets the same high standards of quality control, aesthetic appeal and durability.

    Whether it’s for a residential renovation or major commercial redevelopment, when you’re in need of Venetian plaster in Australia Novacolor is the company you want to work with.

    We offer comprehensive service across the supply and distribution of your Venetian plaster products, designing each order to perfectly match your design specifications.

    Get in touch with our qualified and friendly team today and learn more about why we are one of Australia’s most respected Venetian plaster companies.

    Buy Venetian Plaster Paint & Products

    When it comes to buying Venetian plaster never settle for anything less than top-quality products designed and manufactured by an experienced and qualified team of specialists.

    At Novacolor Australia we supply only the very best in Venetian plaster products to customers throughout the country for both residential and commercial use.

    Venetian plaster is the perfect way to heighten the look of any indoor or outdoor space in your home, allowing you to easily turn any room into a statement of modern style and design.

    Create the look you’ve always dreamed of with our diverse range of Venetian plaster paint, available in a number of different and stunning finishes and colours. From matte and concrete styles to edgy oxidised and metallic looks, you are sure to find the right product to match your interior design needs.

    Venetian Plaster Supplier in Adelaide, Brisbane & Melbourne

    Always wanted to give your home a contemporary and stylish new look with Venetian plaster, but can’t find a reliable and qualified supplier?

    Then look no further than the experienced and passionate team at Novacolor Australia.

    We have been the go-to supplier of Venetian plaster in Melbourne, Adelaide and Brisbane for over 40 years, providing superior products for both commercial and residential use.

    No matter what look, style or finish you are after, we can help you find the right Venetian plaster product to help you transform your property into a vibrant and contemporary space.

    Each of our products is designed and manufactured in Italy to guarantee they all meet the same high standards of quality.

    So when you want to work with a leading team of Venetian plaster suppliers, make sure to contact Novacolor Australia.

    Venetian Plaster Application

    Many people often feel intimidated when it comes to plastering their home or business. Tackling the project alone can lead to issues in the application process or long-term problems, while hiring a professional is often prohibitively expensive.

    That’s why more and more customers turn to Novacolor Australia for Venetian plaster products.

    Venetian plaster is a popular choice for DIY home renovators due to its easy application process and versatility. This forgiving plaster allows beginner renovators and plasterers to easily solve and troubleshoot problems as they go through the application, ensuring a quality finish that will last for years to come.

    To learn more about the steps involved in Venetian plaster application, or to enquire about our product range, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the professional team here at Novacolor Australia.

    Italian Plaster

    The images of old Italian villas, bathhouses and apartments are synonymous with class, style and elegant design. The reason for their high pedigree of design is the simple yet strikingly gorgeous Italian plaster finishes that feature in these properties, providing them with that timeless look that is so famous today.

    Here at Novacolor Australia we supply a wide range of stunning Italian plaster products that are suited to both residential and commercial applications.

    Whether you’re looking to renovate your home, find that final design element to complete your newly constructed bathroom or kitchen or want to transform the look of your business or office space, you will find the right plaster solution with Novacolor Australia.

    Want to learn more about the benefits and applications of Italian plaster? Simply call the team at Novacolor Australia today on 0417 373 089.