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Broken Nature
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Feature 1 Available Australia & New Zealand

Feature 2 VOC & Titanium Free Available

Feature 3 High End Decorative Finishes

Anatotila Title Wall
Antoniette Damask
Esperanza Tile
Imany Tapestry
Indian Damask
Infinity Trellis Cutfile
Italian Tile
Jameela Vine
Large Tangier Lattice
Lisabetta Damask
Mandala Fusion
Mandala Medallion
Palace Trellis
Rabat Allover
Zahara Morocco

The passion for stencils meets Novacolor products with a special collection, exclusively designed for the color boutique by Melanie Royals, the US designer, chosen as Novacolor Ambassador 2017 for her original and elegant creations.

Using the stencils designed by Melanie Royals, Novacolor finishes can be shaped in infinite textures and patterns, releasing the creativity of the professional decorators.

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