WALL2FLOORClear Finish Countertop Protection

High performance bi-component polyurethane protective coating

Clear Finish Countertop Protection is a range of two-component, high performance water-based protective finishes for internal surfaces, suitable for protecting flat surfaces of various kinds, decorated with Wall2Floor Top Coat, such as kitchen and bathroom countertops. Thanks to the synergy of the chemical properties of non-yellowing acrylic and polyurethane aliphatic polymers associated with special fillers, finishes are obtained with excellent resistance to wear and to the usual cleaning operations. The Clear Finish Countertop Protection finishes have good resistance to cold liquids and heat deriving from contact with cups and tea or coffee cups, you must avoid contact even for a few moments with boiling pots. Also available in the Ultra Matt version.
  • attribute icon Available Australia & New Zealand

  • attribute icon VOC & Titanium Free Available

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Products Description

Dilution Dilute the mixture by adding a maximum of 10-15% of water.
6-7 m2 / l, in the two layers