Cera Wax

Polyethylene wax applied cold for mineral finishes

Cera Wax is a decorative finish formulated with polyethylene waxes, special metallic pigments and rheological modifiers, that permit to achieve an easy-to-apply material. Its special formulation guarantees high level of brightness, several pearly shades and a soft water protection. Cera Wax is a decorative treatment for interiors to be used on top of mineral and synthetic surfaces. When applied on Era Veneziana, Mineral Finishes, Marblestone and Marmorino KS range of products, it increases their brightness.

Available as Neutral, Gold, Silver, Bronze, Barocco Gold, Madreperla, GoldMica and the new Cera Wax Plus.


15-20 m²/l


Ready for use, dilute with maximum 100% of water


Indoor Air Quality Not Available