Polished Plaster

Polished plaster, venetian plaster or stucco all are a wall and ceiling finish consisting of plaster mixed with marble dust, applied with a spatula or trowel in thin, multiple layers, which are then burnished to create a smooth surface with the illusion of depth and texture. This technique has been around for 1000’s of years hence why it is renowned throughout Europe.

Creative Finishes

Not may companies can lend themselves to being as creative with their product range as Novacolor.  Ensuring that they are at the top of their game with the constant development of on-trend products.  Products such as Ironic and RustOn giving the appearance of ‘rusted metals’; to products such as ARCHI+ concrete look.

Metallic Design

Metallic finishes have pigments of silver, bronze and golds embedded in the product.  Not only giving movement to the finish, but an amazing feel.  The grit of the product allows the texture to come through.  The product also appears to change colour with different lights, daylight, evening lights all give the product the illusion of colour variations.